Saturday, January 14, 2012

Parrott Mother/Son Session

I had planned to take Christmas vacation off, but I ended up with 3 requests for portraits during that time.  Besides helping pay for Christmas, there were other perks to working during the holidays.  My favorite lens stopped working on December 27, during this session.  And the warranty expired on December 31st.  So I’m thankful for this session because I love my job, I really enjoy being around this family, and because it helped me take enough  pictures that the lens failed during the warranty period instead of after.  Thank you Katie!!


I’ve been to this park dozens of times and knew it had some great spots for pictures, but I’d never noticed the rail road tracks near the entrance of the park (possibly because there’s a road over part of them, which means no trains).  We decided to stop there for some of our pictures, and I love what we got.  There were other good ones from the park, but these at the track turned out to be my favorites:

IMG_4069 web













And a cute one at the park:

IMG_4143 4by6 2 vignette56

Thanks Katie!  Your boys are really wonderful.

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