Monday, November 28, 2011

Romney Baby (and a few more tips)

Such a sweet little guy.  We set the appointment for a time when he was supposed to be napping so we could get detail shots and sweet sleeping baby pictures.  I’m so glad he was awake for this session!  Here are my favorites:


Just like with my last session, we had a cold Oregon day for our shoot and so we were working with natural window light.  The shot above and below were both taken with baby on the bed in the master bedroom—in the above shot, I knelt between him and the window.  The front lighting is very forgiving of skin imperfections, and we’ve got great natural catch lights in his eyes.

For the 2 shots below, he is parallel to the window.  That gave us a little more shadow, which adds character and depth.  If there’s too much shadow, you can prop a white pillow (out of the picture) on the non-window side.  That will reflect some light back into the shadowy area.







Another one with him facing the window and pulling an adorable baby face:


And of course I love shots of mother with baby.  I told Jana that she was my prop in these pictures—they’re really more about the interaction of mother and baby than getting a great shot of mom.  (but of course you want mom to look great, too, or she’ll never show anyone the pictures!)  And the background is a sheet draped over the edge of the crib.  Just make sure to iron it first—wrinkles can be hard to take out in Photoshop (as I experienced first hand with these pictures).

IMG_3717 4by6 blurr web

Thanks, Jana.  Your little guy is adorable, and I really enjoyed getting to know you a little.



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