Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Baby Davis

Rather than just post these pictures, I thought I would share some tips on photographing your baby.  Julia and I created a little “home studio” out of things she has in her home, and there’s no reason why you can’t do the same. 

Here’s one of my favorites:


I love natural lighting and avoid using flash whenever possible.  But it’s a baby, it’s winter, and we live in Oregon.  So we set up the baby inside facing a window.  Julia has a wonderful fuzzy blanket that we used, but you can also use a sheet or any blanket you have.  Texture is great, but busy patterns will take your focus away from the baby (and make it harder to fix problems in Photoshop!)

Here’s a pulled-back look of our “studio” set-up.  Obviously he’s much bigger than his little brother, but he wanted a little of the attention:


The dining table, a blanket, and pillows worked wonderfully for what we needed.  You can also tack or tape a sheet to the wall, or have someone hold a blanket behind baby.

For this shot, we added a boppy under the blanket to keep him from rolling over.  It doesn’t matter if your backdrop is tall enough to be the only thing in the backgroud, but make sure it blocks out all distractions (like the fridge in the picture above):



We also took some of him on a blanket on the floor.  Again, the key is having baby positioned so that natural light is coming in through the windows:







If you have other kids around, it helps to also have another adult.  In trying to get the above shot, we also got this one (thanks to big brother):



But don’t send the siblings away, or you’ll miss moments like this one:



And a note on editing:
With digital photography and editing software like Photoshop so readily available, the trend is to overdo it when it comes to editing.  My goal is to keep the baby looking like a real baby and not a magazine photo.  If you choose to edit your pictures (and I highly recommend learning how to use editing software), be sure to keep the original files so that as your tastes change and skills improve you can always go back to the untouched version of your picture.


Thanks, Julia, for sharing your morning with me.  Your little guy is adorable!


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