Friday, October 28, 2011

Jensen Boys

You’ve probably noticed, but I really like this bridge for pictures.  Yesterday was the perfect weather, and I just love what the afternoon sun does for this shot.


Thursday, October 20, 2011

I love Photoshop!

I always tell my clients to feel free to ask if there are any touch ups they would like in their photographs.  I can’t fix everything, but I am willing to give it a try.  The picture below was one I thought about touching up before giving it to the bride and groom, but it looked like a big enough job that I wanted to know if they would even use it before putting in the time.  I never mind doing the editing, but if I touched up every picture I took, I would never leave the computer!  Well, the bride did ask me to remove the extra woman, and it turned out to be a quicker fix than I expected (since she’s right behind the bride, I was nervous about keeping a sharp profile).

Here’s the original:

20110917_Sitton Wedding_0587_01

And here it is 10 minutes later.

20110917_Sitton Wedding_0587_01_02_11by14

I cropped it to remove the DJ, and I used a fabulous Photoshop tool called the clone stamp to erase the guest in the background.  What do you think?

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Ivy Seniors

Thanks Ivy for letting me be part of your senior memories.  I really enjoyed our session and can’t wait to hear what you decide for college!











IMG_3044 _modified vintage crop



Thursday, October 6, 2011

John and Cindy Wedding

I met Cindy almost two years ago, and one of our early conversations somehow turned to marriage.  I don’t know if she remembers, but she said, “Jen, you’ll understand this when you’re older, but  my life is full and I’m happy, and I don’t need a man or marriage to fill that need for me.  There’s nothing missing in my life.” 

So it must be a pretty special man to make her look like this:

20110917_Sitton Wedding_0353_01BW_web

Isn’t it fun when your life takes an unexpected turn for the better?

And of course, weddings aren’t only for the bride.  Look at the size of John’s grin when he saw Cindy for the first time in her wedding dress:

20110917_Sitton Wedding_0039_01_web

Allow me to introduce you to Mr. and Mrs. Sitton. Their story is wonderful, so if you ever meet them be sure to ask about it.

20110917_Sitton Wedding_0064_2_web

The wedding was a beautiful backyard affair.


With lots of family

20110917_Sitton Wedding_0185_01_Vertical_web

20110917_Sitton Wedding_0114_01_web

simply amazing flowers,



20110917_Sitton Wedding_0467_web

great food,

20110917_Sitton Wedding_0474_01_01

20110917_Sitton Wedding_0276_01_web


and of course, dancing.

20110917_Sitton Wedding_0722_01_4by6_web

20110917_Sitton Wedding_0694_01_web

20110917_Sitton Wedding_0640_02 BW_web

The weather forecast predicted rain for 7 pm, and a few scattered showers during set up made everyone nervous, but it stayed beautiful and the reception went into the evening as planned. 



Monday, October 3, 2011


If you follow me on Facebook, you know that I’m editing a wedding from a few weeks ago.  I’m almost done , so I plan to post my favorites here soon.  But I wanted to share just this one tonight of their first dance as husband and wife—I think it’s my overall favorite from the afternoon and evening.  There’s nothing special about it as far as photography goes, but I love how he’s holding her so close and she looks like there’s nowhere in the world she’d rather be.

Thanks to Cindy and John for sharing your special day with me.  I wish you all the happiness in the world.


  20110917_Sitton Wedding_0642_01BW_4by6