Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Like most husbands, Jack was really excited to take family portraits.  Especially since we scheduled them right before a football game he wanted to watch.  Here’s a little taste of our interactions during the session:


Me:  “You don’t need to pose or anything, I’m just getting the settings right on my camera.”

And his response:



Me:  “Sit back like you’re really cool.”

Jack:  “Like we’re really cool?  We are really cool.”

My bad.




Me:  “Okay, just sit and hang out for a minute.  Look natural.”

Jack:  “Right, because this is how we sit and talk.  Lined up on a bench.”


What a good sport.  I hope you made it in time for kickoff.  And, for any husbands who might read this blog (yeah, right) just be thankful that we only make you do this once a year. 

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